Our Mission:

Reserve Schools is committed to equipping our students with the academic, personal, and professional skills necessary in the 21st century to prepare them for the college and career aspirations of their choosing by providing the support and tools that staff require to provide equitable and high-quality instruction.

Our Vision:

The vision of Reserve Schools is to educate and empower students to achieve academic, professional, and ethical excellence, pursue their aspirations, and contribute to their community to the best of their potential.

Our Values:

  • Community: Our goals are best achieved when we act in the spirit of connection and in the interest of the greater good.
  • Integrity: In order to achieve our goals, we must be honest with and accountable to ourselves, one another, and our community.
  • Resilience/Grit: Failure is an opportunity to grow and to try again with more knowledge than we had before.
  • Kindness: Personal acceptance and compassion for others gives us the power to lift ourselves and those within our community.
  • Literacy: Every student can learn and, across the curriculum, will have the communication skills necessary to pursue the college or career of their choice.